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Clearing level 1 and level 2 actually means beating the game on level 1 (easy) and level 2 (normal). These DO NOT stack so 2 playthroughs are required. The game is very short and can be done in 15m on easy.


You have to hit an enemy with a jump kick with a time ending in 32s on easy or 25 on normal for the P trophy as mentioned here but that's basically unmissable: 


I just turboed R1 to make it through the game very easily. You can save/load whenver you want just like Arcade Archives games and have up to 4 slots to save. My last advice is very important for the last stage (stage 4) because this stage is very stupid. Make sure you follow this post so you don't lose an hour like me: https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=1184158


Here's a video of a speedrun of all 3 difficulties if needed: 



It should take around 1h to complete this game with a difficulty of 3/10 with all tips above.




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