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Apex HQ mobile app and "Unwavering"/ "Teamwork"/ "Talent"

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Anyone know if the strike teams you can send out via the mobile app will unlock trophies upon boarding the Tempest? Starting NG+ after four years away, been doing the strike teams via the app (200/200 rewards available currently) and have promoted 3 of my strike teams to level 20, completed at least 30 gold extractions and have all strike teams available.  Curious if auto-popped.

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Unwavering is not an APEX strike team trophy. The Gold extractions the trophy is talking about are actual in-game multiplayer co-op missions and are quite difficult to complete with randoms. That is why I opted to play the SP game on insanity difficulty from the start instead. It is difficult to start with on NG, but once you get over the initial difficulty hump, you get strong while your enemies don't really get any stronger. When I played through the game many months ago the multiplayer was still decently active, but you will need to get a decently high level person in order to have a chance at the gold extractions. You will probably need a lvl 20 multiplayer character for Peak Condition anyway.


Teamwork is hiring 6 Apex strike teams or doing 25 assist medals in multiplayer (which is much faster). Since you already have 6 teams, in may auto-unlock when you load up the game. If not, you would need to click "manage" on one of the teams, retire them, and then rehire a 6th team WHILE IN-GAME to unlock it that way. If the strike teams are all pretty high level, you might be better off going for assists, especially if you have to do gold extractions for Unwavering anyway. The trophy guide has a pretty easy method: play an adept, use pull and singularity to raise enemies into the air, and then kill them mid-air. Each floating enemy killed is an assist and you can get up to 3 assist medals per match.


As mentioned in this and the above post, you generally have to do the Apex strike team condition that unlocks a trophy in-game in order for it to unlock. So the mission debrief for the mission that levels the strike team up to lvl 20 likely must be done in-game in order for the Top Talent trophy to pop. If it does not unlock when you load up the game for the first time in 4 years, hopefully one of your other 3 teams is close to lvl 20. I would certainly load the game up before you get anymore to lvl 20.


That being in-game for the final step of a strike team trophy unlock is an especially important on the Veteran trophy because if you miss it, you have to wait for it to come back around again at 25+25=50 total missions and there is no way to check how close you are until the next 25th mission once you complete the challenge the first time.

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