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Ice cream trophy


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I have been looking on the internet and i can find little information on this trophy. I went to the guy in the bar and asked him if he has any other flavors. He told me some old guy said it is between garden level 2 and level 4. I think this is for the mint flavor. I ran down all of the levels but could find any pinkish orbs to pick up. I even ran all the stairs in each garden level. Still nothing. Could any one help me out here? Thank you ow, btw, im working on contribution 6-3 atm.

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The trophy guide on this website isn't very clear about the Just desserts Trophy, but has a point when it mentions to look closely at what Jiro says.


Mint flavor: somewhere between level 2 & 4 in the Cell Garden (Abandoned sector). It can only be level 3.


I had to enter the garden 3 times (random generated room) before I found the shiny pink orb.


Strawberry flavor: somewhere in the Cell garden between levels 5 & 8. So, it's either at level 6 or 7.


I found it at level 6 at the second time I entered the Cell garden.


Kasumi tells you to go the garden around mission 6-1 / 6-2. You might as well visit the abandoned sector than. 

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