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Are trophies obtainable free to play?


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Finally got round to playing this: trophies are obtainable free-to-play but with some of them requiring you to play Quick Match I’d argue it’s more trouble than it’s worth. After 30 minutes I could not find a match so unless you feel like hosting a session you’d be hard spent trying to get some of these trophies ?

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On 09/10/2021 at 10:59 AM, CabbagePantsu said:

Hopefully this helps! 


It helped a lot to say the least & after having done the trophy set today I wanted to drop by & say thanks for posting this! 


The lobbies were empty when going for my trophies but a few randoms joined a few games when we were doing my mates trophies. They seemed to just be trying it out, probably didn't have aim controllers & weren't detrimental to the boost. The AI bots were way more disruptive. The rocket launcher revenge kills were a bit finnicky but the rest of it was smooth sailing. Great stuff all round. Thanks again!!

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