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Characters are on Map, but invisible on world map. Here's the work around!

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So I'm quite a few hours into the game, and was quite enjoying it until this glitch happened.


Basically in order to finish the game, you have to talk to, and finish, all the stories for the main cast of 16 characters.

Every time you talk to them and end your convo at a campfire, they move to a different position on the map. You then walk up to the next campfire with them at it, and have the next conversation.


The map in your menu shows you the icons for where each character is. My map is showing the character 'August' as being next to the small town of Helena in Montana.

However, there's no campfire and August is nowhere to be found.


This would be potentially game breaking since if you couldn't finish the stories, you could not finish the game and would have to start from scratch.

But do not despair like i did! There is a work around of sorts.


The game has forgotten the positions of the main 16 characters, but it's only forgotten them on the main over world. It still remembers where they are on the map screen of your menu.

Go to the place where the map screen is telling you they are.

You won't see the campfire icon (like you SHOULD do), however you can look for the little black mounds on the ground, this is a campfire. Walk up to it and hit 'X', it should take you to the story interaction screen. Someone posted on playstation trophies . org, that the words never popped up for him telling him he was stood on a campfire, but they did for me.

Either way, your game is not lost, just made a little more awkward by invisible icons.


I hope this helps someone who plays it  :)

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I had this happens to me whenever I close the game and load up again. Finding the invisible campfire and clicking on it seems to reset all the campfires back to their correct place again. Of course, when I close the game down, they all go out of place again, but at least there is an easy fix.

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