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PS4>PS5 all the info

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1 hour ago, GRAMMELKNOEDEL91 said:


I played the game on PS4 right when it got released but could not finish it (platinum time trials and those last 3 perfect relics are hell)... Now I want to try it again on PS5 and hope to sync my save back to PS4 afterwards to unlock that 2nd platinum trophy ?


UPDATE: There is NO option to upload a save on PS5, you can only download your PS4 save but not the other way around...

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3 hours ago, ImNotVeryGood38 said:

I don't have a PS4 anymore since I got the PS5. Anyone know if I can redownload the PS4 version onto my PS5 then upload the PS4 save. Then do the PS5 upgrade and have my trophies autopop that way?

You can simply install the PS4 version either from disc or download it from your library, no need for a PS4 console to transfer your save

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1 hour ago, LuBulegend92 said:

I don't have PS Plus so can I still upload my ps4 save to cloud or can I use the usb to transfer my ps4 save file to ps5? Thanks :D

You don‘t need PS+ for this, just start the PS4 version, you upload the save directly in the game, there are already plenty of guides online

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