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I just finished my first playthrough on normal. Checked the guide and not sure how to continue regarding the collectibles. I missed one or two per level. 


Doing an entire run in NG+ would suck and since there is no chapter select, I am not sure if doing the collectible run on heroic difficulty would be best. You need karma and crystals for upgrades anyway, right?


So, question is, how have you guys tackle the collectibles if you didnt pick up all of them during your first playthrough?

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There is chapter select actually, but if you go for heroic mode, then you might as well get the collectibles in that run (since you need all the crystals and karma that you can find).

On xbox I first play the game on normal for fun, then I did a collectibles run on normal (via chapter select), and finally a run on heroic. While I was playing heroic, I ended up getting almost everything. (The collectibles run wasn't very useful).

But do note that if you die in heroic, you'll have to get the collectibles again when you restart the level, some of them are tricky and could get you killed. It's up to you see if you're confident in your jumping skills or not.

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Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if I understand chapter select correctly though. You can load any chapter on any difficulty, but I have to choose my save files that were automatically created in each level. Is this considered chapter select? And how does the clean up work then? Do I just need to collect the missing ones and can quit to menue again, or do I have to complete the level for it to count?

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