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200 Chain on Chaos Realm


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This is my run to get the hardest trophy 


Is the "hardest" but isn't hard at the point that u get the hang of the game but is extremely luck based,on the minute 0:35 and 1:31 the fuckin ghost teleported inside me and there is nothing u can do to avoid ....

The waves are random but they are the same , you will get different waves but the enemies on the chosen waves are the same, is all about lucky u can get a pretty hard or simply "bullshit" wave like the 1:15 min on the video that only spawn masks.....and is ridiculously hard to kill all of them without getting hit as they can literally spawn almost inside you 

Be careful to don't lose ur chain and use items wisely,keep trying and believe on me you will fail way more by bad lucky than actual skill

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