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who pulled the sword from the stone? trophy...


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has anybody got any idea if this trophy is glitched or if im not getting the right requirements...


win a mash with a SMUP plane & the stoneblade...


ive tried AADV + SMUP with plane & stoneblade dev cards...


SMUP + AADV with plane & stoneblade dev cards...


ive tried both scenarios without the dev cards (smup plane & stoneblade) instead waiting for the game to drop me the plane & stoneblade together in a mash...


ive tried using a different plane dev card & the legendary stoneblade, does anybody know the exact requirements?... 


thanks in advance & stay safe everybody during covid times...



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SMUP + AADV with a plane (I used the green space ship) and normal stoneblade is the setup I used, so you're def doing it correctly. WZL0FW is the exact mash I used if you want to try that. If it doesn't work it's probably glitching for you. The trophies in general seem to be very glitchy so it wouldn't surprise me.

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