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season pass and full package question

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i just want to make sure, does the season pass ($5) give you all 3 dlcs you need for the trophies? the 3 dlcs are $7 a piece so $5 compared to $21 is a big discount


i also see a online pass for $10, that is not needed right?

also i see the "full package" edition for $15. i already have the base game but is all the extra dlc stuff worth getting, does it help make things easier at all or can i just skip it and get the season pass

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A little late to respond but oh well. Yes, the Season Pass gives you all 3 DLC packs needed for trophies + a special bike. The PS Store treats it as a combo, so when you buy it you will see the picture of the bike, not the picture of the DLC... Fear not, you will still get access to download the 3 DLC as normal, all that for just $5

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