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Run, Rabbit! Run! Trophy Question


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Hello everyone!


For the trophy in the title, do you have to get all gold medals, or do you simply have to earn "all time trial medals"?  I know that there is a trophy for earning one gold medal, but do all the levels require a gold for this trophy, or do I simply need to complete a time trial on each level?  I can earn the golds if I have to, but I'm just trying to save myself some time.

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6 hours ago, DancefloorBankin said:

I only got gold medals, but I'd argue all medals count toward the trophy unlock.

Okay, thank you!  We'll see if anyone else can confirm it.  So far, I've been only getting golds too.  If I had a silver, it was within 1-2 seconds of a gold.  A second attempt was a gold...I'm just trying to save time by not going back and doing it again if I don't need to haha.


I'm loving the game so far.  DKC was one of my favorites back in the day.

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2 hours ago, sealightbreeze said:

You don’t need all gold. I had one silver and one watermelon one and still got the trophy. As long as you place - gold, silver or watermelon- it doesn’t matter as long as you get one of the above medals 


Excellent!  This will save me a ton of time.  Thank you so much!

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