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Doom 3 Delta Lab Game breaking elevator bug still persists in PSVR version


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I’m playing Doom 3 for the first time ever and just encountered a game breaking bug on the Delta Lab 1 level. Apparently if you press the button on the main elevator before you have turned on the reactor it will permanently register as having low power, even after you have turned on the reactor, and cannot proceed to the next level. If you have not been making multiple saves and encounter this bug, you will have to restart the entire game. Apparently this bug has persisted in all the Doom 3 ports, and has not been patched.

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I thought they fixed that on PC for the Doom 3 BFG edition along with some other annoying bugs (like particle effects disappearing after you use the heart in RoE). But consoles had a fee for patches after the first one back then so they never patched it. And I guess maybe that's why it's still not patched now even though they could do it for free lol.

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