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Cross-save trophies with PS5?


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2 hours ago, fbdbh said:

Can anybody test how the cross-save works? Will you get trophies automatically if you switch from PS5 version to PS4 version or from PS4 to PS5 or both?


Powerpyx says you can, or am i getting it Wrong ??





Automatically unlocking Trophies from Demo & Automatically unlocking Trophies between PS4/PS5 Versions

Outriders has a free demo to try out. All progress from the demo is carried over into the full game and any trophy requirements you’ve fulfilled will automatically unlock when you log into the full game for the first time. The way this works is that there’s an in-game accolade for each trophy. The server checks if you have the accolade and if you do it retroactively unlocks the trophies in the full game.

If you have platinumed either the PS4, or the PS5 version you can easily get a double platinum! Simply install the 2nd game version and all trophies will automatically unlock on the first login! No need to replay any of it. For example, if you platinumed the PS4 version you can download the PS5 version, log in one time, and all trophies instantly unlock for you.

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