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Unlock shinra’s tournaments


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Hi everyone. Sorry if this topic is already on here. I looked and I couldn’t find it.

Anyways I’m down to the youth league cup. But how do I unlock the rest of the cups? I have the strategy guide and it literally says nothing about it. I looked online and it’s just bit very clear.


Do I have to catch specific fiends? I’m not fighting to unlock the rest of the cups? If someone could mention what the prerequisites r to unlock these missing cups or send me a decent link that will be clear on how to unlock those cups I’d be very appreciative. Thanks in advance 

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You don't need to do the cups for the platinum, except the first for a  dressphere.

But regarding the Shinra cup, you need to complete the Omega Weapon questline, in chapter 3 in Kilika there should be a demon that you can catch, and from  there, you continue their  story until you get Ultima Weapon, you do the Demon cup then, get Omega Weapon as a  reward, and finally, after completing Omega Weapon's story, you unlock the Shinra cup.

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