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Too many flaws


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Recently just platted this one, and was kinda disappointed by the game itself in the end, and went from "damn, this is cool" to "I just want to get it over with" quite fast. Many different things went into this and I'll break it down (this is my personal opinion):


Story: As mentioned on another topic, story is pretty bland (followed cinematics for the first quarter or so and then just went to skipping them, nothing to really keep me interested)


Gameplay: I know this is a second game, but in general, it still is an original concept, and I give them that. And at first it seemed great. But when you're pushing for 'perfection' to get those 3 stared dashes, you find out a lot of issues, especially in the moves. It doesn't feel good when you're inputting moves but for whatever reason it just doesn't do what it is supposed to. You can actually input the same move over and over again and get different results somehow.

On one instance, had a wall in front of me, Faith's high, quite large and nothing on top, just went face forward and jumped and it actually did a wallrun, which ended up doing it in thin air. Went and tried again, same thing. Had to go three times to make the simplest jump. I mean...

Yes, it's not that perfect in consoles in general and yes, even AAA similar games (like Uncharted or Tomb Raider) have those kind of 'issues' but not that much, and not when you're game is revolved around just that, platforming. 


Game design #1: It's bad design when there's an unlocking progress (opening up the map and discovering new missions) but you go unlocking things that you actually can't complete. I don't know how many must have lost much time on that second dash just to find out that it can't be done without the upgrades. Same goes with the deliveries (although they are more flexible and some might have been possible). Since you already go into a design of slowly unlocking things, or unlock them when each of the upgrades becomes available (it's on you if you want to buy it or not), or make the ones that unlock actually doable without them (so what if by getting the upgrades you make it 10 seconds sooner, leave it to the leaderboard to matter).


Game design #2: So by doing the flaw above, you want to finish all story related missions to have everything unlocked and go about your extras and collectibles. But how can you do that when you are being harassed every other building by KrugerSec forces. It is immensely annoying!! And there is no real way around it, you either kill them and go hide (noone ever), you kill yourself (which may make them disappear but is not a guarantee), or you pass through them while they shoot you in the back. Who thought this was a great idea?! At least get some variations. Some groups will call for back-up, some you just kill them and nothing happens (kinda like interventions). It's not that hard to do it.

I get that some deliveries must have them (I think with the eye icon) but passed through a group of them and nothing happened so yeah, don't even think they are working as intended when they should. 


GridLeaks: I must admit those little things were fun to collect, even without the upgraded map. I just saw one and wanted to get it. But, I wasted so much time going after some that were showing on the map but weren't actually there because they hadn't been unlocked from finishing the last side mission. Just why would you show them if they aren't there...badly designed again. I did like though that if you pointed close enough to one of them on the map, more often than not it showed you the way to it precisely.


On the plus side, the Gridnode missions were quite original and enjoyable (was interesting to see that there were different pathways but some are just there to mess you up, wish there was more of that).


In general, it could have been a great game (just feel it as mediocre), it feels great when you got some flow and getting the moves, but alas that feeling goes away quickly.

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On 12/04/2023 at 8:25 AM, ATTYYYYY487 said:

For the inputs it very much sounds like a skill issue in all honesty. 


I think I missed that at the time. Thank you for your honesty, but if you are able to do a wallrun without a wall per say, I'd question the input, not the skill.

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