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Unobtainable Plat Or Just Grindy?

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Found this game, thought it looked kinda fun, went to check the trophies just to see if there were any unobtainables. The platinum is at 0 percent, and I don't know if that's because it's unobtainable, or just no one has played enough to get all the trophies. It looks like it's the former, considering the other 0% trophy is just for starting a second playthrough, which seems simple enough, but I've never played so I wouldn't know. Any of the 40 owners know?

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When I last played it which was going on 6 months now I think the NG+ trophy was glitched, the game has had a few updates since and the plat percentage has gone up on PSN. I've tried popping the NG+ trophy from my last save right before the ending but no luck there. The only thing I can think is either a fresh new playthrough with all current patches could unlock it (but I CBA to do the entire game again just to find out) or is big cheats. Hope this helps.

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