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Prison Economics Trophy

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Hey I'm having issues getting the Prison Economics Trophy to pop, build a successful prison and everything, managed to complete all avaiilable grants in that prison and no trophy popped. Tried everything at this point. Saw a new update yesterday hopping they will fix it but to be honest it messed up my prison even more so I sold it for the D.B. Cooper trophy for selling the prison. Now I need to build a new prison just to complete all the grants again but I'm fearing that once I complete all the grants it won't pop and time will be wasted like previously. Any ideas as to what I can do? I've written everywhere, reddit, paradox support forums and their twitter but not response or solution has yet been given.

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Hey there!
I got this trophy on the 3rd of April.


Something to consider with this trophy, and others in this trophy list is the phrase "on a standard difficulty."

This means that the selected difficulty when making the map must be one of the preset difficulties, not "Custom".

This means you cannot start a map using money from the sale of a previous prison!


The full list of Grants I completed are as follows:

  • Unlock more Grants
  • Basic Detention Centre
  • Administration Centre
  • Cell Block A
  • Inmate Health and Well-being
  • Prison Maintenance
  • Visitation Rights
  • Security Procedure Certification
  • Governmental Security Ratings
  • Max-Sec Infrastructure
  • Prisoner Acclimatization & Engagement
  • Reform Through Education Initiative
  • Prison Manufacturing Facility
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
  • Staff Well-being Initiative
  • Inmate Nutrition Research
  • Crackdown on Drugs
  • Tool Cleanup
  • Short-term Investment
  • Long-term Investment
  • Cell Block B
  • Cell Block C
  • Cell Block D
  • Cell Block E

IMPORTANT: I didn't have any of the DLCs when I got this Trophy, you don't need to buy any of them!


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