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I've tried both starting a new file and only praying at the shrines after an event/new day as much as possible (but that seems to max out at around 17 or 18 before I had to start going back and forth). I also loaded a save and just ran back and forth between the 2 shrines 25 times and it didn't pop. and that was after I started a counter to make sure I did 25. There should've been a few from earlier in the save and a lot more from before i started actually counting. I'm playing it on a PS Now trial that's expiring today on PS5.  


edit: i got it by just playing through everything like it was from the start using this guide http://ps3imports.org/index.html/_/trophyguides/miko-gakkou-monogatari-kaede-hen-trophy-guide-r355 (but now most cutscenes were skippable thank god). it unlocked for me when I went up to the smaller/north/non-school shrine instead of to the school just before getting ending no. 1.

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