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Xbox One Sells 1 Million Units...


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I think limiting yourself to one system is pretty dumb - especially for achievements/trophies. If you can only afford one, I can understand, but some of my favorite game experiences from the last decade never even had achievements/trophies! 


The PS4 is the better system from a technical perspective, and no doubt will host more exclusives (and better thirdparty ports) this time around. Picking a XBOX ONE over it (and paying $100 more) because of Achievements isn't very smart imo. 


I recommend people buy a PS4 as their 'main' console, and a XBOX ONE later for the exclusives. Furthurmore, I'd hope people are open-minded enough to explore 'other' systems outside of their single preference (wether it be XB1 or PS4 - tho I do LOVE my PS4). 

I agree, Getting all the consoles is the best just to get the ability to play every game. However in terms of the Achievements i do understand because i wouldnt want to spend endless hours getting Achievements just to have it all be thrown away.

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