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Skippy. Is this glitched?


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This is the last thing I need for platinum.   Skippy is the name of a unique gun.  I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers.


I can go to the ally way.  Pick up the gun, do the convo and leave with it.  The quest always says "who knows what you will find?"


Checking a bunch of other sites it seems the quest will continue after 50 kills and I eventually need to bring it to it's owner.  Is the quest supposed to not change until later?  Should I just hold the save for a possible patch? 

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Created a separate save.  Ran around killing guys with Skippy and after 12 kills the trophy popped and platinum.  Can't say I understand.   At all.


In the end I have no idea if you need to finish Skippy or that quest.  It still says "who knows what you will find?".

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Personally I think Skippy is quite glitchy. On PC when i played (patch 1.06) Skippy never triggered the next quest point even after waaaaaay over 50 kills. whereas on my recent PS5 playthrough on 1.22 skippy triggered 50 kills part of quest after I estimated about 18 confirmed kills (there was ~15 more but V died and checkpoint reset to point before those kills happened so I didn't count those kills).

I didn't have any problems with a stuck undiscovered quest on map though, it played as normal. You might have had a glitch on your save.
Only undiscovered quest I have is the youtuber? cameo next to Misty's, that for some reason has a mission marker but never awards a mission to do. 100% district trophy popped regardless of that so...

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