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Slayer Supreme in Reforged


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Just getting back into the game and I've not played alot in reforged, is the trophy still obtained the same? I mean by completing the tick boxes in the mastery page. If so it just seems like it'll take a while to do stuff like killing the monsters using their armour set as the hunting Isles tend to be random monsters, or is there an easier way? Should I just focus on ticking stuff like weapons exp, monster damage etc

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I've only played the game after the update on PC (want to pop all trophies at once when I'm done). But I'd say it's a lot easier and faster now. There are still tickboxes for each monster, weapon type, and all individual weapons. That's a lot of tickboxes to fill.

They've condensed the armor ones and significantly lowered the value of forging armor (outside of getting better stats of course). So, trophy-wise, it's all about weapons. I'd advise getting every weapon that you can and playing with all of them for a bit to deal enough damage for 2-3 tickboxes. The amount of damage you need to deal per tickbox grows with each stage so it might not be worth trying to complete all of them on a single weapon when you could use that time to get 2-3 on 10 weapons.

I found that it's a lot more time-consuming to deliberately clear monster tickboxes as some of them involve a bit of RNG. I'd advise focusing on dealing enough damage with every weapon and you should get plenty of tickboxes from monsters (and maybe even some armor ones) naturally.

I'm around 35 level so while faster, still takes some time :)

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