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Venture Outward and House of Cards not unlocking / How to stop auto equipping?


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A friend of mine played the game, and the two named trophies didn't unlock when leaving Cierzo and finishing the quest, respectively (even though her log says it is completed).

I started the game today, and I also didn't get the trophy for leaving Cierzo. Burac wouldn't even let me leave, even though I had all requirements fullfilled, however I had another weapon instead of the Quarterstaff. After getting that, he let me leave. (My friend had another weapon as well and he let her leave.)


Also, when I pick up new weapons, my character auto equips them, even when I already have my preferred weapon equipped, which is very annoying. My friend and a friend of hers don't have that problem.


Any advice?

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We theorized that the guide was wrong somehow and you would only get the parallel quest trophies if you are in that respective faction. However, she got the two other parallel quest trophies now, so maybe House of Cards is bugged, although people are still getting it.


No one has gotten Venture Outward since May 10th though. Weird that nobody speaks out about it.


The auto equipping has stopped by itself.

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