a way to farm CASPO points

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the CapcoMaster trophy need 100,000,000 CASPO points,extremely grind.

CASPO is converted from game scores,every game use different calculation methods.

there is a way to farm this point,when you play any arcade game


1.push option, save current progress,and quit game,then CASPO points will be counted

2.play a same game and load save file.

3.continue play and earn points.

4.quit game,the new gained points will be converted into CASPO points.


so,in this way, find a suitable game progress to save,and load it ,gain new score, keep repeating .

for example,When I'm about to defeat the final boss of Ghost n goblin,save the progress,and load it,continue to defeat the boss,I will get a high score only spend a little time



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Thanks for that!

I got two questions:

- What is the better game to farm in your opinion? 1943 or Ghosts and Goblins?

- Does difficulty affect the amonts of CASPO?


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