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Anyone getting a spare PS+ voucher code with PS4? :/


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Hey guys, 


I hate to come across as greedy or something, but i'm just wondering if anyone will recieve a unwanted/spare PS+ voucher with their console? The reason I ask is because I won't be able to get a PS4 until late 2014, but I want to download Resogun and Contranst (which will probably be gone by then). I would purchase PS+, but I share a PS3 with my brother, who is already subscribed for a year (I won't be sharing a PS4 with him) so it would seem pointless to spend the money if I won't be needing it. 


It's okay if you want to keep your's, i'm not begging. The only thing I can really offer in return are some boosting sessions or help in an online game, but we can work something else out if need be. :) Thanks!



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I don't think the games will be gone by the time you get a ps4. At least I think resogun is one of those games that will just be on plus forever, just like LBPK, xcom, wipeout 2048, uncharted golden abyss, and gravity rush. Don't worry about losing out on those games, they might just stay on plus.

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dang, i wish you had made this about 2 days ago. I'm already a plus member, so i didn't need my 30 day trial. I ended up giving it to my cousin who only has a ps3, but doesn't play it nearly as much as me. I would rather have given it to someone who will be more active on psn than him.

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