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Hong Kong version says it's Chinese/Korean, but does it include English?


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I've seen conflicting information regarding this and I'd love it if someone cleared it up for me. Unfortunately I jumped the gun purchasing it (since I stupidly assumed it'd have English like the Indonesian version, the one Play-Asia sells, etc.) but the store description only says Chinese and Korean for languages.


I can't just launch the game and check because downloading the game and starting it up might exempt me from a refund (if I need it), so if anyone knows for sure, that'd be a huge help. Thank you.

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14 hours ago, Astray404 said:

I can confirm that there's no English in this version: with ps4 system language set as English, the in-game texts are always in Chinese. Guess Korean will only be displayed with system language setting as Korean.

Thank you for confirming it. I ended up just asking for a refund since I didn't want to risk installing the game to check, and clearly that was the right move.


I did buy the English version from the Singaporean store later, though, so looking forward to playing it soon. Huge fan of the series and this will soften the wait for the final movie.

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