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"Seafood Stew" not unlocking?

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I have been grinding for this platinum for so long. I have finally unlocked all modules and I'm currently working on the extremely tedious task of raising friendship levels to max (ugh). I decided to multi task and go for the "event organizer" and "gift giver galore" trophies at the same time. At this point I have seen every gift related scene except for "seafood stew". I have still not even unlocked this item in my 100+ hours of gameplay. I have seen a couple other people have this same problem, but can't seem to find any solution for it. I found a list of songs that are supposed to be good for specific item drops and played the ones that are supposed to drop seafood stew over and over again for hours to no avail. Is this a glitch? I would really hate to lose out on this plat over one single item being glitchy.

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3 minutes ago, LoveInHell said:

I plan on doing a list here on PSNP cause the guide is seriously bad here.


I think the guide just needed to add that table with the songs that drop each item and seriously a Gift Request Guide, the guide says which items each vocaloid like, but sometimes what they ask and what they accept for each request on each aura is weird and not too intuitive... I used this one..



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