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Under 45 tips ?!


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Hello trophy hunters,


Some players are starting to get the platinum, do you have any tips or advice for the under 60 and under 45 trophies?

Frankly I have tried a many times and it seems hard to go under the minute ....


Thx a lot


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Thank you 

On 11/06/2021 at 1:20 PM, lucask001 said:

That's it, I've finally earned the trophy 1f606.png

Here are some advice :


1/ It is obviously easier to play in 3 color and line mode.

Also prefer the back wall.


2/ In my opinion, it is imperative to play in VR with the aim controler in order to be able to react quickly and move quickly. (Switch to rotation and free movement mode as well)


3/ Isolated blocks are your worst enemies, do not hesitate to move them to stick them to others and create lines.


4/ And then it takes

a/ some training

b/ a little luck ... the first 2 or 3 shots can destroy a large majority of blocks in cascade!


Good luck to everyone


Thank you so much , also cami ask how hard it was to survive 4 minutes in Survival 

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