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i am a little surprised that i didn't found any informations about that here or anywhere else, even if this game has already been completed to 100% hundreds of time (if I take in consideration the 4 stacks) so I share my experience, hope it can help other players to not waste too much time on those bugs:


Picklock (Pick up the picklock)

Bug EU: doesn't pop when you pick it up, neither if you wait, or turn around in the room, neither if you delete the save and start again whole game from beginning

Workaround EU: what you have to do is just exit the room where you pick up the picklock, and the trophy will suddenly pop

Workaround AS: if the trophy doesn't pop even when you exit room, close the application and restart it

Don't blink (Meet the owl)
Bug EU: i have no idea why it didn't pop, maybe it's because this owl has first killed me, maybe it will pop for you directly if the owl doesn't kill you at all
Workaround EU: anyway i have just closed the application and restarted it, then the trophy has pop directly at the main menu (or just after load my save, i forgot)

Elementary, dear Bishop (Collect all the notes)

Bug EU: here it's very weird, i even collected 15 of them, restarted my save many times (my last save had 12 notes), this trophy has never pop, maybe it's because my 13th note was the one at the end of the walkthrough video on youtube (the one on the desktop, the only note that is not random)

Workaround EU: close the application, restart it, took a random 13th note, and when i took the 14th note on the desk (the only one not random) the trophy has pop

Bug JP: if you pause the game to access the note menu, the game only display 10 notes, even if you got 14 or 14 millions, so there is no way to track how many notes you already got

Workaround JP: if you think you already got the 14 notes, so just close the application an restart it, load your save, and this trophy should pop directly without picking up any additional notes


it's also possible that those bugs are only on my ps4, but I really doubt it, eg I also saw an online video where this picklock trophy doesn't pop when you pick it up

I more beleive that those bugs are common and that there are even more bugs, and it seems each stack have their own bugs... except that it was a fun easy platinum 

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