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I also need to know, I still have to do the grinding trophies on PS4

I don't want to launch the PS5 version, auto-unlock all trophies I have already from PS4, then unlock the platinum after thousands of hours to not be able to unlock it on PS4 and having an uncomplete list...

The possibility to unlock my missing trophies on PS5 then auto-unlock them on PS4 (Platinum included) would be the best since I don't want to launch the game on PS5 now, I'm too afraid to mess up the auto-unlock thing

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Yes as long as you completed the requirement for all the trophies and still have your progress most of the trophies will autopop, you will have to redo the all together now trophy for the platinum again but most of the grindy stuff is done, so you don't have to do it again.
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