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Vulcosuit Paradigm Drive Manual


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Vulcosuit Paradigm Drive Instruction Manual


Just like Sublimations this Paradigm Drive (PD) also needs a bit of getting used to as some of them are not as straightforward to pull-off as the others. Listed below are methods on how to do them easily - for those that are not used to playing (technical) JRPGs like me. To equip the Vulcosuits tap :l1: to toggle from character mode to vulcosuit mode.  We also do not have to wait for the Momentum Charge (MC) to fill up before making an attack. The moment the Cooldown Timer (CT) is ready just take our turn immediately.  While most Paradigm Drives can be completed within a single turn, two in particular will have us waiting for the next cycle to complete. They are also dependent on the available spritnites we have equipped for each character - which means a fairly good amount of 'memory' grinding later on to purchase spritnites that we may still need to complete the trophy. 


The Vulcosuit Master trophy will be possible to earn after returning from the Faded Realm, only then will we have access to the eight (8) exclusive side quests for every character. A special and unique Spritnite will then be rewarded after the completion of each quest, which then will be needed to unlock the NEW skills - a requirement for completing the remainder of the Paradigm Drives.


The Vulcosuits also need Vulco Points (VP) to be able to do Paradigm Drives just like how Magic Points (MP) are needed to cast spells while in character mode. VP isn't actually fuel for the Vulcosuits as they can pretty move around without it, they just will not be able to perform attacks. The artefact called Library (when activated) replenishes all HP/MP/VP when touching a save point.  Other VP beneficial artefacts are: Mech Yard (reduces VP cost), Pyramid (trades-off critical hits for reduced MP/VP cost) and Soul Altar (restores HP/MP/VP after battle depending on Momentum Kills and Machine Kills).


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Kanata - is pretty much straightforward and only requires us to have a specific character active in the group to do the Paradigm Drive with.  We will immediately know which team members are in and who is out, as characters not in the group will have the 'coop drive' greyed-out and will not be selectable.  The Paradigm Drive with team members available will be highlighted with a brighter white font. Just select Co-Op in the menu and the list of available drives will be ready for picking. 


⚔️ We probably will only get one chance to use the Paradigm Drive for the duration of the current battle, unless we perform 5 regular skill attacks to refresh the Cooldown Timer, the Co-Op drive will not be available.  But before it does even come to that point, the whole encounter would have been over by then. 

Skills: Absolute, Eclipse, Eternal, Innocence, Judgment, Momentum Strike, Sanctuary, Slicing Blade, Ultimabuster, X-Strike.



Lumina - this character had me scratching my head for a fair bit as her Paradigm Drive works differently compared to the others and will need a second round attack to be able to complete it. Select Divinity from the menu to apply a buff on Lumina.  WAIT until the next turn.  Divinity will now be locked. Select Skills on the menu and we will notice that Paradigm Drives now appear instead of the usual skills.  Try to strategically position Lumina to cover more enemies.


⚔️♾️ We can keep on repeating the Divinity attacks and pick a different Paradigm Drive each time, depending on the ratio of how weak or strong the enemies are vis-a-vis the heroes. The stronger the characters versus weaker enemies, the quicker the battle will end resulting in fewer chances to repeat the attacks.  

Skills: Caloric Rise, Eternal Light, Divine Break, Lightning Arc, Mech God, Mirage Moon, Palm Beam+, Super Glint, Terra Bind, Void Blast. 



Van - every Paradigm Drive available for Van are personal buff spells. Select Vigilance from the menu and choose any of the available 'drives' on the list.  Confirm the selection and apply a buff on Van. Select a Skill at the next turn then.  The buff chosen earlier will then be applied to all of Van's attacks for the duration of the current battle. 


⚔️ We can only choose a buff once and will not be able to switch them for a different one, though this does not apply to skills which we would still be able to keep on using and changing until after the battle ends.

Skills: Aegis, Aroundight, Brionac, Caduceus, Dainsleif, Excalibur, Gae Bolg, Gallatin, Gungnir, Tyrfing. 



Obaro - a combination of Van + Lumina's attack style. Select Attunement and apply the buff on Obaro. The chosen Paradigm Drive will then be locked and can no longer be switched with another 'drive' for the duration of the battle. WAIT until the next turn then select the enemies to attack them again.


⚔️♾️ It may be possible to have multiple attacks with Obaro depending on the strength of each active character versus the mobs. The more powerful and/or advanced the heroes are the more less likely it is for the battle to go beyond a second turn. Any succeeding attacks will be locked on the initial choice on the Paradigm Drive and are not interchangeable unlike Lumina's. 

Skills: Anemoi, Chaos, Chronos, Gaia, Hades, Minerva, Poseidon, Uranus, Vulcan, Zeus.



Sherra - a simple combo Paradigm Drive without any time constraints.  Simply click Harmonize and select two (2) specific Skills (not just any random combination) on the list to create a new hybrid magic.


⚔️ You can use Harmonize once per battle and only regular skill attacks becomes available after that. 

Skills: Beat Sanctuary, Manic Melody, Oratorio, Sacred Call, Soul Stir, Sound Weapon, Synchronize, Vicious Lullaby.



Dianto - a bit similar to Van's and Obaro's paradigm drive, except that it doesn't need to wait for a next turn to attack. Select Siphon from the menu, as soon as the list pops-up choose a Paradigm Drive.


⚔️ The PD attacks for Dianto are quite powerful which is probably why we can only do this once per battle.  Because of that It's most unlikely to get another turn. But for any reason it does go beyond the first round and may look as if it will last for a couple more rounds - like in boss battles for example, make Dianto attack 7 times to reset the CT for another try at a drive again.

Skills: Active Siphon, Debuff Siphon, Dodge Siphon, Energy Siphon, Life Siphon, Power Siphon, Revive Siphon, Siphon Block, Spirit Siphon, Strike Siphon.



Galdra - another combo Paradigm Drive but with a very unforgiving time constraints. You will need fast trigger fingers to beat the timer as waiting too long in the selections menu will end the turn, potentially locking you out completely from the current battle. Select Featherfeet from the menu and very quickly select three (3) specific skills to concoct a new hybrid spell. This may very well be the hardest of all the Paradigm Drives and quite tricky to pull it off. Placing the required skills next to each other before starting the battle might be the best way to approach this.  What follows next will be a cutscene that shows four attacks in succession, with the fourth one being the final hybrid spell.  


⚔️or❌ Depending how quick you are, it's a hit or miss with this one. You have about 7 secs to complete the combination or your turn will fail and the Paradigm Drive will get locked out for the whole round. 

Skills: All is Vanitya, Divine Justice, Overgrowth, Serenity.



Locke - probably the most fun Paradigm Drive if them all, Locke attacks enemies using a slot machine that determines how strong our attacks will be.  We will need to press :cross: three times before the final attack which will determine how much CT Reduction, Skill Force Increase and HP Usage Decrease will be applied. Just select Jackpot on the menu and choose the 'drive' skill for the type of attack. Play the slots to attack.


⚔️ There are no time limits on the slots and you can take our time to pick the good symbols without having to worry about our spins expiring.

Skills: Break Shot, Burst Shot, Fatal Deal, Fever Roll, Immolation, Overload, Potentiate, Snipe, Spirit Ray, Spray Shot.




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Just a quick trick for Galdra's Paradigms, I only put the 3 skills needed for each paradigm before starting a fight. That way clicking on them will be straight forward in 2/3 seconds without bothering to search for a particular skill... After the battle is finished, just put the skills needed for the next paradigm.

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