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Collectible and two-stack trophy tips


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As you may have already noticed, collectible tracking of this game is very unreliable. After reading through many posts and managed to 100% both versions myself, I'm writing a summary to commemorate 60+ hours I spent with this game.

The collectibles are:

26 drink locations

21 darts locations

47 paste-up locations

50 audio logs

15 relics

50% files (Bloodline)


Paste-up locations and audio logs trophies didn't pop when they should. Fortunately trophy status of these two is checked on game start. In my case restarting the game solved the problem.

Ubisoft has made our lives easier by marking drinks and darts with a tick when visited. On the other hand, it became even more fraustrating when all places are checked and trophy didn't pop. The key to avoid this situation is to make sure you are connected to Ubisoft's potato servers all the time. Don't put the console into rest mode because the game will lose connection, thus messing up the counter. In other words, don't touch drinks and darts when doing missions, collect them in one sitting. Drinks and darts are tracked in Pause Menu -> Ubisoft Connect -> Status, but those useless plain numbers aren't even synced in realtime. These two trophies are so painful because Ubisoft decided to track them online so you can compare to your non-existent friends on Uplay.

50% files in Bloodline is very random. It's a rare trophy not because most players aren't trophy hunters, but because tracking is messed up. There are 99 files in Bloodline. In my first playthrough on PS5, I had 70+ files in the end. No trophy. Restart the game, no good. I had to do a second run, trophy popped when I had 33 files. Transferred 70+ document save to PS4 version via cloud save, trophy popped when I collected one more, what a relief.


Upon trasferring the complete save to PS4 verion, 3 trophies popped immediately:

100,000 ETO on clothing

All paste-up locations

50 audio logs


Buy a weapon skin and a car paint. Collect one more relic. Retire video game designer, re-recruite immediately, also unlocked 20 different jobs trophy. I've seen people saying taking action once unlocks "certain operative does certain thing n times" trophies, but I had to do them all again. Same story to drinks, darts, and 20 parcel deliveries. Apparently my online counters didn't carry over, so I had to do them all again.

You will have to play the main campaign and trophy-popping side missions again. Same for bloodline. It will definitely feel shorter because you are familiar with the map, know all puzzle solutions, and cut scenes are skipped. The biggest time-saving measure is probably leaving one borough oppressed and one weapon upgrade locked. I didn't plan that much.

In the end this is a enjoyable game. As a big fan of the original Watch Dogs I've always wanted more, needless to say Aiden makes a full comeback. Hopefully Ubisoft can make collectible tracking more reliable.

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