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This is the game of Storage Depots...


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I just finished up the missions on Normal and I am a little disappointed in how many times I needed to make a Storage Depot. In my longer games, my stores were so full I have more storage depots than I did residential buildings. After playing other games like Surviving Mars, Stellaris, Grand Ages: Medieval, and Tropico 5/6, I don't recall needing to bank so many resources. I often finished games with  a colony consumption of about 5000 per Sol but a stockpile of 10,000 per Sol. 


I also found I almost never used a Remote Settlement. Have other players had similar experiences? I liked the game, it was basic enough to jump right it, but seems like it lacked reason for late game.

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You can manage your inventory buy not over farming or over producing items. You can also destroy food/items if you see them in the thousands and don't need. I think once you build that elevator they stop giving you notices about storage.

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