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Animal won't register at the Compendium


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Hey everyone!

I'm trying to research the Devon Bull, but it seems like it's already registered, displaying its information. Though when I check the Compendium (both, through R* Social Club and the game), it's blank. Tried saving and reloading the game, trying another bull, etc. but nothing helped so far.

Anyone of you encountered a problem like this before? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

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1 hour ago, celobrock said:

Yes! I'm embarassed to say that I've mistaken the ox for the bull. Somehow after figuring it out, I've found lots of people - even in this forum - who did the same mistake.
Oh boy...


Thank you very much anyway!


I think I may have made the same mistake also, those stupid farm animals always spawn weird. Good luck with the plat

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