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Ideas for a "Tagging" system


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I was thinking about a "tag" system on PSNProfiles for the games on your profile. Playing games can be a different experience per person. After following some guides I realized a lot of games can play out differently depending on how you play them, maybe you played in a way that left you with a huge grind at the end, or maybe you got the platinum right at the 100% mark and didn't need to "grind" for a second. Maybe a notably tough game was a walk in the park for you, maybe a notably easy game proved to be unexpectedly challenging.


While scrolling through other people's profiles, sometimes I get curious how they felt about certain games they've completed. I thought it would be cool to have a feature where you can "tag" the games on your profile with either pre-set tags, or custom ones. Tags Like: "Easy", "Tedious", "Hard", "Grind", "Boring", "Moderate", etc


The idea came from an application I use called "Toggl" to track my gaming time, and they have "tags" which I use to note: # of trophies, freezes, and glitches per gaming session I have. I also scroll through my profile and wonder why I didn't 100% a game, realizing it's because I'm waiting for the DLC to go on sale, or I got stuck on a tedious section, or it's really hard for me, or I just got bored. 


The tags can also be used as another way  to organize/search your games by the tags you gave them. 

eg: If you added a "Hard" tag to a bunch of games you personally thought were hard, you can search and visually consolidate your profile list by the tags you give games -- similar to the current filters.

eg: I'm not 100% with Steep or Zombie Army 4, because I'm waiting on the DLC to go on sale -- adding a tag like "DLC" can depict a reason for not finishing the game -- not that there ever has to be one.


Curious with all the existing organizational features, if this would be possible, or even a useful idea to anyone other than my weird organizational self.



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It's obviously not exactly what you're suggesting, but as far as organization tools are concerned, the PSNP+ extension allows you to create custom game lists. I use it to keep track of everything in my backlog across different systems, but it would work just as well for some of the situations you're describing. There's no way to share or see other's lists as far as I'm aware, but for personally keeping track of things it's a godsend.



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