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Option for Completion Rate with(out) DLC-Trophies


Option for Completion Rate with/without DLC Trophies  

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  1. 1. Completion Rate with or without DLC Trophies?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Dont Care

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would it not be interesting to know the total completion rate excluding the DLC-Trophies?Like having the option to see the completion rate for only the trophy lists with a platinum?

There is games where you get the plat and are like at 50% completion rate, just because like some big developres keep pushing out tons of dlc for purchase or somebody who doesnt wanna pay ps plus to play get the dlc trophies.

I am not to serious about the completion rate, I play the game if I like I plat it, if i have the GOTY or free dlc I play it but else ,I am not interested paying another 10-20 bucks for extra content.

But just for the curiousity as I like analyzing numbers.

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I put don't care because DLC is very uncommon for the type of games I play.  I'm at 280 games played, of those only 4 have DLC with trophies.  Of those 4, two were episodic games and with the Vita version of the Walking Dead, I got the game and DLC for free with my Vita.  DLC really doesn't affect me personally that much because I tend to avoid AAA games which are generally the ones adding DLC trophies.

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