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Transfer from save to ps5


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i platinum the game on ps4 and transfer the save to ps5. On ps5 I downloaded the saved data, but it was in an infinite loanding screen, I closed the game and when I opened it again, only half of the trophies came, no level 50 trophy came, nor the one to win $1,000,000 and several others didn't came. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Em 24/09/2021 às 05:38, alex-burke disse:

O mesmo aconteceu comigo. Eu fiz algumas corridas e mais apareceu. Só perdendo o presente de 1000 milhas agora e como 30 milhas de dlc, então não tenho certeza do que fazer.

I ran a race and the level 50 and 1 million trophy came, I made some other specific trophies and for the 1000 mile trophy I saw in the statistics that it was very close, so I left it running on that track made for the trophy, for 30 minutes, I finished it, and the trophy came.

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