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[Tip] DLC: Zombies: DeceaZed to ExZist


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This was my last trophy for this DLC and I really didn't want to grind it out. I found a way to AFK farm it that may be helpful to others in the same boat. You'll want the perk from the game that repairs vehicles when you're in them. I'm not sure if that is just automatically on in the DLC or not, but I have it in the campaign and it was working in the DLC. 


Next grab a tractor and park near the first mutation station, you'll want to try and use the haybales and terrain to make it so the zombie AI takes one direct route to you. I eventually got a second tractor to help create a funnel to me. Every once in a while a zombie will sneak though and start hitting the side of the tractor. If it takes you too long to notice this they can knock the vehicle out of position and you'll have to put it back.


This is in NO WAY the most efficient method of doing this, but I didn't want to manually kill 5k zombies. Hope this helps some of you. 

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I've been looking all over and even tried to get info on the UbiSoft discord, but no one seems to know how many zombies are on each map. 


I'm really don't want to be doing that tractor method. I might just run through the stage 7 over and over. 




I'm a happy bunny!!!!!!


Just got it done. Okay so I can pretty much guess roughly what it took


Go through the entire 7 stage story


Stage 1 score solo - 1 run

Stage 2 score solo - 2 runs with 2 attempts killed before completion.

Stage 3 score solo - 1 run

Stage 4 score solo - 5 runs and 5 attempts killed before completion

Stage 5 score solo - 3 runs

Stage 6 score solo - 3 runs and 2 attempts killed before completion

Stage 7 score co-op - 2 runs and 4 attempts killed before completion

All gold medals done


Then did stage 1 & 2 in co-op. Stage 3 multiple attempts in co-op but always failed at the 2 vats. 


So I then decided to do stage 7 score solo over and over. It took 11 and a half runs and then the trophy popped. To do the 11 and a half runs took around the 2 and a half hour mark. 


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