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Question about 5 million EXP trophy


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Do I need to reach the max level with all characters to get this trophy? The trophy description is "Gained a total of 5,000,000 experience points with all characters" so I'm not sure. If possible, I'd rather just stick with the same two characters for the whole grind. Can someone who has earned this trophy without max levelling all characters confirm that it can be done this way?

Also, do I need to level up the characters for anything else such as gallery trophies?

Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Just in case anyone has this question later: I can confirm that I got this trophy without leveling up all characters. I did however raise all liberators to at least level 30 because I was told that it was needed certain items to appear in the store.

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If only you had posted this a month earlier, as I was also wondering about this. I didn't want to bother leveling up Viola or Manpuku, so I decided to risk it and stick to farming with Rinka. Eventually I went to check my experience count, and saw that I had 5.1M experience, so I assumed I needed to level them up as well. After about 20 minutes of leveling up Viola, the game crashed. After returning to the game, I ended up getting the trophy after one battle. At least I didn't have to bother with Manpuku.

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