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Weapon crazy not unlocked after I correctly follow guide

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10 hours ago, SnakeSound222 said:

According to the trophy guide, you need to beat the game in under 4 hours, not 4 hours 30 minutes and from what I can find about the different versions, the time limits stayed the same across all versions of the game. 

I almost didn't stop but.. I save after fighting tyrant which allow according in guide and I play very easy difficulty which doable according in guide. At the end of the game there's no pictures chris and claire that explain your time finish like guide video which make me confuse perhaps you can explain to me (the guide also play in japanese version)

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5 hours ago, GrantVernonHart said:

After 2nd attempt I still can't get weapon crazy trophy finished 2h 33min without using save but difficulty remain very easy no result at the end of game like in guide video

From what I'm seeing, you don't get the results screen on very easy difficulty. You'll have to play on either easy or normal for the results screen to pop up.

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