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Stacking Counterattack for Accessories makes combat a breeze


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Counterattack sounds like you need to be using counter edge in order to activate the 30% increase. However all you need to do is hit an enemy while it's making an attack and you get the % increase for all your attacks. Counterattack also stacks so you can have an upwards of 120% at max and if you have it on a Warrior emblem that's another 15% boost to all attacks.


At level 40 I was able to take on all the level 60-70 enemies and bosses that are available before post game.

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Where can I find the counterattack ability? Been searching the Internet, and no one gives any advice on where to grind.


EDIT: So it is rng, but I found that it would turn up more at the Underground Waterway in Cyslodia. You get Enduro Ore and Chrys. Mass.

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