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Bugged Trophies


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Has anybody the same Problems with bugged Trophies for 75 and 80 Stars?

I did everything in the Game, but the two Trophies didn't unlock. So there is a small Warkaround, which involves playing with the Modeltrain, Save and Restart the Game...then playing the tutorial again.

By doing that i got the 80 Star Trophy, but sadly not for 75 Stars.

Has anybody the same Problems and was able to get both Trophies? Is there a Workaround that i don't know?



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i reached the devs on twitter. they never fixed the steam version issues and try to blame the devs of the ps4 port.

they know the bug for month and didn't fix it. even if i delete everything and start over, the bug can appear...this sucks.


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