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Hostile Districts Effect on Collectibles


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Do hostile districts, with no citizens remaining, void some of the collectibles? Do you have to embrace certain people to get their collectibles or can you get the collectible by other means?

One of my districts has NO ONE ALIVE, and some of them I need to embrace to get the collectibles. Do i need to restart the play through and make sure each district has everyone alive? 

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If the people in a district ends up dead due to lack of health then it voids the trophy.


I found this out the hard way by letting Dr Swansea die, then the whole of Pembrook hospital went from stable to 0% (hostile), everyone died and even though there are Skals all around none of them drop any collectibles. I'm having to do a 2nd playthrough which I didn't want to do since this stupid game autosaves and doesn't allow manual saves. 


The only way to get some of the collectibles is to either buy it from them or embrace them.


NOTE: According to the Vampyr forums you CAN embrace Dr Swansea without voiding the trophy. Although I cannot guaruntee this. 

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