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Bugged trophies?


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Only three people have it done over there and all seem to have hacked it going by the time stamps.


Also, on the steam discussion page a user notes about not being able to earn some of the achievements (50 kills and all boxes) with a developer saying they will fix it, yet that was a while back. I think the game is bugged and not 100% achievable by legit means.

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@GeminiEntity I've now managed to get almost all the trophies in the EU version, though for the "Bang, bang into the roof!" and "Man down!" trophies I exploited a bug in the game myself to do so. The "Curious" trophy, however, is impossible to get so far. I found 103 lootable items and drew maps for them, playing through the game four times completely with focus on the trophy. As long as this bug is not fixed by the developers, the trophy is unlockable.

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