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Bugged Trophies

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i dont know if anyone else has had this but I did the mission PLANNED AHEAD - Take out Chunky Lee Chong with a car rigged with a bomb but the trophy did not pop also now I don't know if you just have to do the mission like it tells you to or if you have to do something special like the trophy for Without a Scratch - Deliver Mike Lips' car without a scratch on the first attempt or if it is just bugged 

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Load a past save and try the mission again.  If the trophy doesnt pop you'll probably just have to try it again in another game.  That happened with me with Wreckless Driving ... finished all the jumps, the game as a whole and started a new game.  Luckily for me, I could do a jump at the very beginning, but Chunky Lee is pretty early on too so shouldnt be that bad.

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