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Keywords not showing?


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I’ve had a few keywords announced when listening to conversations, but when checking on the buzzfeed they don’t show up as searchable terms. I’ve read that there may be a bug and that this locks you out of Sidequests (and thus the plat).


I'm on PS5, latest update. Chapter 4. The three it’s happened with so far have been in the school.


Has anyone had this issue, if it is an issue? Maybe the devs didn’t have time to implement everything, or maybe it’s for DLC?


Hoping I don’t have to start my game again!

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On 27/11/2021 at 0:45 AM, Road2unner said:

I've noticed the same. So far I have 11 keywords and at least 4 I've seen haven't shown up on app. Maybe not all of them are needed or maybe some are for DLC as you guessed. Plenty of people have TownGo Master though, so it's most likely not glitched.

I found a list of them and the ones that didn’t show up aren’t on it so, yeah, no idea why they are in the game but I don’t think it’ll prevent the plat.

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Keywords for the Chatter App with alert you with the notification above your 'phone' with an orange status. 'Topics of conversation' that you can use with dates will have Yagami say something like 'that's interesting, I should bring that up in conversation' or something to that effect. The best way to get Chatter words is via cases or by going to the green speech bubbles on the map, letting the ENTIRE conversation play out and you'll either get notified it's a Chatter word or a topic of conversation or nothing at all.

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