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I have done everything there is to do. I have got every property and done all of the missions associated with it. I have done all stunt jumps. All packages, All rampages. I have even went back and got to the rifle range and got well over 45 score. I beat the game, I have done all the RC missions, all the stadium missions even got hotring 1st place. I've done the vehicle list as well. I have also robbed all 15 stores. I truly have no idea what I am missing for the 100%.  

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2 hours ago, xd_Trixxzz said:

Well nevermind, turns out the "Pole Position Club" had a mission I didn't know about. I got the Platinum.




Ahh this damn stiper dance like sh*t ?


Glad to see they fixed the platinum, i already plat the ported version on ps4, i will go for it next week.

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