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Will unlinking my account let me start again fresh?

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I'm close to the platinum, only needing 3 trophies, 2 of them being the free play trophies. The problem is that the area 100 trophy never unlocked, but I got the milestone and support has done nothing for me for the past few months. Has anyone unlinked there account and have any information on if it'll work for me or am I just at the mercy of the devs getting around to my problem?

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I had those trophies bugged as well as one of the first money trophies, submitted a ticket and got a response within a few hours, they did something causing me to close and reopen the game and it got fixed. Only trophy not currently fixed is tutorial, if they cant fix it I can just reset my game after finishing the remaining trophies. I suggest submitting a ticket from the menu button «support»

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