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The Six Blades of Kojiro: Undiscovered


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Hey everyone, I'm having trouble discovering the 'The Six Blades of Kojiro' mythic tale. I have already finished the game, did some cleaning up and now I only need to complete de side tales to get the platinum but I can't manage to find this tale.


I've been to the Umugi Cove but the musician Yamato just isn't where it is supposed to be.


I've already restarted the game, loaded and older version of the save file and nothing makes this dude appear. I'm afraid I might not get the platinum because of this glitch.

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7 hours ago, Argandalf said:

That sounds wierd, i'm sorry. Have you defeated already the other 5 ronin duels? that could somehow trigger Yamato to appear at lady sanjos's house in Umugi cove.

Yes I have. I have cleared everything on the map, I'm only missing a few of the Tales of Tsushima and this Mythic Tale to get the plat.

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2 hours ago, Argandalf said:

I see, from what I've read, people who had a similar issue got it resovled after completing the quest "Stolen Innocence", started in Umugi Cove, where you rescue a missing girl. That's the only other think I know about this. Hope it helps :/

You're a freaking life saver! Thank you so much, it worked.

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