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Save transfer between regular and Epic Combo Edition


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On 12/29/2021 at 2:09 PM, Doma8800 said:

I have the Epic Combo Edition on disc and I've platinumed the game. I'm wondering if I buy the digital version will it recognize the saves and can I auto-pop the trophies. Can anyone confirm if this works?

I’m a bit late but I can confirm that the save transfer works both ways. Most people started with the digital version and auto-popped the Epic Combo Edition, but I did it the other way around and it works just the same. It’s not a complete auto-pop, you’ll need to perform one of each trophy requirement for the trophies to pop. (For example, once you collect one Roll7 dev in your save transfer, the game will recognize that you’ve got them all and will pop the trophy). 

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