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Where the heart remains

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Been playing this recently i have 3 trophies left to get before the Platinum. literally cannot find a guide anywhere online for how to acheive these- dont know which path's to follow to be able to get them. Any advice would be great.


3 trophies i'm missing are


Roasty Toasty

Always there

Under the weather.



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To get Under the weather you have to start working for Glen, the guy from a petrol station. I'm not sure but decide for Rene to stay with the kids at home.

For Roasty Toasty in the winter, go to your garage, in the back on the right, it's like a utility room with washing machine, you gonna fine what you need, just put the all on :) 

Always there is more complicated, not working for the city is simple, but not working for Isla is hard to guess the right dialogue. You have to stir all dialogues in the right direction, or maybe just don't take Sage on the jobs I guess, so he doesn't have anything to show to Isla when she is in town. 


Hope I help a little bit :)

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